Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the house

well if you live on the east coast you know what friday and saturday's weather was like. cold rainy mess. i drove to the shore in the rain friday and home saturday. not a fun drive that was for sure. we cleaned on friday until around 11 pm then got up saturday and cleaned until lunch. we poked through stuff in the attic and loaded up bag after bag of trash. all of my uncles clothing is now gone that freed up 4 dressers, 3 closets, 2 storage bins in the attic and 3 laundry baskets. we also were finally able to finally match up all the sheets in the house. now that they are sorted we can make beds without going through 20 sheets to find the ones that go together. the fridge and freezer are empty and there is little to no food left in the house. the next thing is the attic. for this we need a 30 yard dumpster and all the muscles we can recruit. hopefully when we go down again in november we can tackle the attic. even with everything we threw away we still managed to fill all three cars for the trip home. on a brighter note the phillies are up 3 games to 1 in the national league championship series. yeah!!!

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