Monday, July 28, 2008


she is turning 65. WOW officialy old enough for social security and medicare. also a reminder that my birthday is coming up fast. oh and my brother's (he just had to come the day before my birthday). my family likes to clump birthdays and anniversaries. between the begining of july and the end of august there are 14birthdays (including mine) and 4 anniversaries. the number keeps growing so i can hardly remember them all. i know i am getting old but my cousins keep having kids and getting married in the summer and i loose track.
since mine is coming up i have had a wish list for my birthday for years that the top 3 are finally be within my reach. what are they?? marriage kids and a house. i don't even care what order. since we are looking at houses and trying to get pregnant it looks i will be getting 2 out of 3 for sure before the end of the year or sooner (keep your fingers crossed). so let the count down begin 13 days until my birthday . yeah!!!

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