Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm having a blonde day

yes i am blonde. naturally into my 20's and now by choice. usually i am not the typical blonde but today is going to be one of those days, i can tell. i am tired after getting to bed late last night so my blondness is coming out and it is not even 9 am yet. when i got up this morning i heard the low battery beeping on my cell phone so i plugged it into the charger. i need to make several calls today and would rather use my phone than the work phone. of course it is still in the charger at home and i am at work. i need to make several calls and i have written them all down so i don't forget who i have to call(that took 15 min of wracking my brain and i still think i am missing one i need to make). i know i will spend then rest of today feeling like i am forgetting something or making mistakes, i probably won't but once my day starts out like this i will feel behind and off center all day. oh well there is always tomorrow. wish me luck

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