Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i love my job and the guys i work with. they are easy to get along with and make the day fun. last week they decided to try to pull a prank on me. it sort of worked. instead of parking behind the shop i had to park along the side since they had pulled the work trucks out blocking my usual parking spot. later they come in and tell me that the newest guy was backing one of the trucks up and hit my sideview mirror. to bad for them a customer was in the showroom and i didn't freakout like they wanted me too. of course it is no big deal even if they break my mirror since i happen to work in a glass shop. if they break my mirror i just beat the one who did while he cuts me a new mirror. even the customer was laughing at the guys saying just make her a new one. what they really wanted was for me to run outside all upset so they could laugh at their prank but it didn't work the way they wanted. after the customer left they made me go out to move my car i still didn't freak they were so disappointed. i am sure they will try again but i hope they come up with something better next time then i can get even.

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