Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm back

wow vacation was way too short. 2 days at the shore and 2 days lounging at home i could use few more days off. the shore was so much fun. my neice and nephew and i played on the beach for 2 days body surfing and boogie boarding in the very cold atlantic. luckily we had the 2 best beach days of the week. thursday night we went to the boardwalk for dinner yummy. i got my favorite pizza and water ice then we went to our favorite candy store for fudge. next up were rides and games. both kids came home a winner and we used all of our tickets for the rides. fri i got up early and took my winnie for a walk on the beach the she and i had breakfast on the boardwalk. i had pancakes and she had her dog food. winnie was an angel at the shore she was well behaved and never had an accident in the house. yeah for winnie. she even let me sleep in somewhat. we were still up by 6 but that is better then 4;30 or 5. thursday night i had to share my bed. my sweet nephew decided i was lonely since my honey was at home and he slept with me. winnie tried her hardest to wake him at 4:30 and 5am but he didn't move even with her on his back and licking his face. fri night for dinner since my brother and family left to eat on the way home my uncle (who lives at the house where we were staying )and i went out to dinner. nice restaurant on the bay. after dinner i too headed home.
the rest of my long weekend was spent with my honey. he was tired from a long hard week but it was nice to just relax together.

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