Friday, July 18, 2008


i am so happy it is friday!!!! this has been such a long week after the last 2 being short because of vacation and the 4th of july. to makes thing even more fun flo came and brought a friend with a jackhammer to pound in my head. nothing like a 3 day headache with a migarine start and finish. i am so happy flo only lasts 3 day most months.
i have been looking forward to sat for so long. my cousin and i planned this weekend back around easter so we have both been excited for months. for her going to the pool was a treat and i miss going since this is the first summer since i was in college that i no longer get to go anymore. my neice and nephew are excited as well they have been wanting to go with me all summer and every weekend i tried to plan going are the ones it rained or something else came up. they have been counting the days this week as excited as i am.
hopefully i will get some pictures of all the fun and maybe i will even get a chance to post vacation and pool pics to flicker.( no promises )
have a great weekend all

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