Friday, July 25, 2008

hurray for friday

now hurry up and be over. this has been the longest day ever. it is the middle of summer so my work is slow. i am enjoying the slower pace but not the boredom that comes with it. there isn't even any tv to catch up on. wah wah i know stop crying many people would love to be bored at work.
i am looking forward to this weekend we are going to look at a house and we are pre approved for a mortgage. so wish us luck i really want a house but i am going to hate packing up to move and all the hoops we need to jump through before settlement. still it is great that we can get out of the apartment we are in right now. it is not to small just not ideal for having a dog. i can't wait to be able to open the door and let winnie go out and not have to go with her every time. since my dog has to go every 1-1/2 to 2 hours that will be the best part of home ownership. also being able to do what ever i want to the walls and floors without worring about losing my security deposit.
the rest of the weekend we have nothing to do and i plan to keep it that way i want to lounge by the pool and read on sunday with nothing to do. it will be the first weekend in over a month with little or no plans. oh heaven!!!

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