Monday, July 21, 2008

look at me i'm a winner

well the weekend was great. i had ablast playing in the pool with my neice, nephew, cousin, and her daughter. it was 95 and humid the perfect day to spend in the pool. the penny party was a blast. i won lots of great prizes. gift certificates for food and jewelry and to museums. lots of fun for all. my niece won a game and the stuffed toy she really wanted and my nephew got a t-shirt and a gift cert for papa john's pizza.
sun we were looking at houses and helping my boyfriend's sister move. now that was an adventure. first we went to her storage bin to drop off things they will not need. then we helped them move their big things into their mom's house. she has a twin house and they will be moving into the 3rd floor 2 flights of stairs with a turn between 2nd and third floors. ac units, dresser and night stands no problem. then we took on the bed. frame was easy, box springs a bit more difficult but they got upstairs then the beast a king size mattress. it took four people to move, 2 pushing and 2 pulling. we inched this mattress up the steps. it went something like push go up a step , push move up a step, ect. after 20 minutes it finally made it all the way to the top and on the frame. then we all colasped. after that we went home to relax and enjoy the rest of our sunday. while we were busy moving things our puppy got to play with his mom and sister's dogs. she was exhauted too. that did make us very happy. a quiet evening at home watching movies.

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