Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i can't wait for vacation

i am going to the nj shore for 2 days. i get to be a kid and play with my niece and nephew on the beach. i can't wait. we are going to eat on the boardwalk. oh my yummy fries, pizza, and lots of junk oh and don't for get ice cream. this is one family tradition we started with my niece and nephew that is so much fun. my parents always planned and prepared all our meals before we left for vacation. we only got one or 2 treats on the boardwalk but eating as you go through the night a bit here and a bit there is so much more fun. bad for the waist line but it is one night. i am also looking forward to rides and lazy days on the beach boogie boarding and building sandcastles. this year it is a short vacation for me but i still can't wait.

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