Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hump day

i am so happy it is wednesday. 2 more days til the weekend. i am excited for this weekend. my cousin and her daughter are coming over to go swimming in the pool i grew up going to every day all summer as a child. i love to swim and the pool is my favorite place to be on a hot summer day. not only is my cousin and her daughter going so is my mom , dad, neice and nephew and to make things even better it is the anual penny party at the pool. what could be better than a hot summer day at the pool that involves prizes. i save all year and usually come home with prizes totaling more than i spend and the profits go to support the swim team. since i was a member of the first team we ever had at that pool i can't resist supporting the team. now if i could only make the next 2 days fly by i would be a happy lady.

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