Thursday, July 31, 2008

birthday presents

everyone is asking me what i want for my birthday. my answer money or things for my kitchen. i need a good knife set and a 12 or 14 " frying pan that is all stainless steel ( chef's quaility )i am not picky over brands but i DO NOT want a non stick coating on the frying pan. why you ask? several reasons 1 i own an 8 and 10 inch pan that are all stainless steel and can go from stove top to oven that i love. 2 every pan with non stick coating i have ever used no matter how good looses the coating over time. 3 who knows what the chemicals in that coating are doing to your body. as for knives again i'm not picky over brands i just would like to have a set of knives that are not really old hand me downs that are mismatched. although my current collections is unique just dull. my only other request for my birthday is a baby on the way and as timing goes i will know a week from friday if i am pregers. if not we will try again next month.

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