Tuesday, May 4, 2010


it is may and the lovely warm temperatures are here. i almost feel human again. a whole week of 80 degree temps i am in heaven. even the predicted cool front coming this weekend will leave the temps in the low 70's or high 60's not bad at all. mothers day lunch with my mom is scheduled and reservations made. yum for p f chang's. the following weekend hubby and i will be going away for the weekend. dog/cat/bird sitter is scheduled and hotel is booked. we will be going to my uncles wedding 5 hours away in NY but i can't wait. hubby and i have never spent a night away together other than my uncle's house at the shore. hubby,a hotel, a wedding and family who live far away and i hardly get to see. i am so excited.

tigger our cat is quite the character. she has the full run of the basement and is in Ecstasy when we enter her lair. sat was hot and muggy and the basement was so much cooler i decided to do some work down there. i took kiwi with me and we spent a couple of hours watching TV, cleaning and doing laundry. tigger was happily playing while i worked. one of the big things i needed to do was mop the basement floor. so i mopped myself to the couch to hang out and watch tv while the floor dried and the laundry finished. tigger had gone upstairs while i mopped and came running down the steps, across the floor and tried to jump on the couch. since her feet slipped on the wet floor no spring happened instead i watched my cat plow face first into the side of the sofa and cling desperately while trying to figure out what happened and get onto the sofa. of course all my hubby hears is me laughing like a crazy person in the basement. tigger is still recovering and tests the floor before leaping on the sofa when in the basement.

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