Monday, May 24, 2010

critter update

tigger was a bit under the weather last week but bounced back over the weekend. she decided to join the dogs in their game of tag and wrestle. too funny to see the smallest one beating up the other 2. she also gave me a rare treat. she was resting on the lounge chair and i sat with her waiting for the dogs to decide they wanted to come back inside. she reached over pulled my hand near her and licked my fingers. a very rare thing indeed.

kiwi is doing well and is a very sweet bird in the mornings. she and i hung out sunday moring for about 2 hours while i was on the computer with her cuddling on my shoulder. as the day goes on she tends to get nippy and over excited. this is her best time of day.

winnie was the trouble dog this weekend. saturday i went grocery shopping. we put the cold stuff away and must have left the pack of hotdog rolls where she could reach. after hubby and i ate lunch i noticed a plastic bag on the floor. when i picked it up i realised winnie ate an entire 12 pack of hotdog rolls.

gracie lately has been really playful. she is also learning that barking when we go out front for a run on the hill is not allowed. funny thing is the spray bottle doesn't even need to work just show it to her and instant quiet.

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