Monday, May 17, 2010

so how was the wedding you ask??

good i guess. hubby and i ended up staying home. the reception got moved to my uncles house 2 hours north of the wedding and that was way too much driving for one 2 day span. instead we stayed home and vegetated. played with kiwi and did the laundry. hubby tried for 3 days to mow the lawn. it would take him 20 minutes or so to start our mower then mow for about 20 minutes or so and then it would stall out and not restart. at the rate he was going he would have to mow everyday to keep up with our grass. so we broke down and bought a mower. got one on sale and an extra 5% off because we caught a midnight madness weekend sale at sears. not much else is going on. i will be going to see my niece's band concert tomorrow night and finally getting to hear her play her flute. this will be at the jr high that i did not attend so i have no idea were to go or even where the auditorium is in that school should be fun. i will follow my mom and brother since i don't even know where to park.

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