Monday, April 19, 2010

an interesting discovery

sunday night while getting ready for bed my hubby calls me out to the living room to watch the cat. tigger was stalking a bug. the bug was just out of her reach hanging on a curtain over the sidelight of my front door. tigger is dancing around and trying to climb up to no avail. then tigger get the bright idea to jump up and snag the curtain i guess hoping to climb up and get the bug. instead the curtain and rod pop off the window and everything falls to the floor. the bug escapes and tigger continues to chase the bug around the entryway. hubby and i look at the curtain and rod and have no idea how it was up on the door. thinking that it was just suction hubby fixes the rod and hangs it back up over the window. that is when we discover the rod is magnetic. duh neither one of us even looked before tigger pulled the curtain off how it was up there. although we did discover we have a steel door frame so that is a plus.

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