Thursday, October 18, 2012

oh my god how did i end up with 4 cats

OMG I am becoming the cat lady. somebody help me. hubby found a cat running around near his work. since work is right off the turnpike it is not a good place for a cat to be running around. he talked me into bringing him home until he is claimed or someone takes him. looks more like he is a permanant part of the family now. jack ignores him no suprise there, winnie loves him and follows him around, tigger and chickie were not happy at first but he is so laid back he knows chickie rules the house and tigger is the aloof one. gracie just ignores him. now if we can just convince him he no longer needs to eat any and all food he sees we will be happy. in other news, well there isn't much. we have been trying for a baby but no luck and last month we didn't even try since we were both feeling horrible with a wicked cold. my work is the same. still looking for another job and hoping when the election is over things will get better. the fall/ thanksgiving/ christmas baking frenzy has begun again. this year i am hoping i actually have some help. this may happen since my niece loves to bake and her mom now lives 5 minutes from me. so M is close by every other weekend and wants to come help.

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