Friday, October 26, 2012

lost dog central

last night for the second time this month lost loose dogs have wandered up to our house. there were 2 didn't bark just wandered the driveway smelling our dogs. hubby went outside to see if they had id tags. both did. last time it was a lost dog hotline that called the missing owners. last night it was the owners themselves. they were extremely relieved that we found the dogs and called them. they had been searching for 6 hours and the dogs had decided to go for a nice long walk. they had gone about 6 miles from home. hubby and i waited in the drive until the owners arrived to get the dogs they were so happy and relieved that they were ok and safe. now they just had to get them home and pull off ticks and burrs. between stay cats and lost dogs it has been non stop lately.

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