Thursday, February 16, 2012


wow my cute sweet little niece. my little buddy is 14. ok what happened how did she get this old. i am amzaed at the sweet funny girl she is and the wonderful woman she is becoming.

in other news no baby yet just have not been able to get the timing right. the perils of an irregular cycle. oh well we have started talking about what we want to do if a baby is not going to happen. we are not quite ready to move on maybe in the spring or summer but we have been talking about the next step we want to take. good thing we both want to move on the same way and just need to decide how and when to move forward.

for now we are trying to pay off credit cards and stay warm. have i mentioned i hate the cold and winter and snow. although this has been one of the better winters so far not to cold just a bit of snow that even comes on the weekends when i am off and i am hoping it will continue.

not much else for now animals are fine chickie is in love with the sink and running water and the dish sponge tigger is thin and sleek from playing and chasing chickie, jack now comes upstairs to the kitchen for food and has started slowly exploring the upstairs, winnie and gracie are their usual doggie selves begging and licking and playing and snuggling and kiwi is getting lots of exercise in her cage defending it from chickie.

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