Tuesday, January 10, 2012


so... hi ! been a while. not much is going on lately. baking got done early same with shopping. holidays are over and now... well not much. hubby and i still hardly see each other. some days it is only 30 minutes in the morning and 30 before bed but we try to talk and share what is going on and well trying to make a baby. which while fun is frustrating if you work different schedules and have to plan everything.
the furry family is doing well. tigger has a playmate and when there is nothing on TV at least we have catertainment. they wrestle and chase and teach each other how to annoy the dogs and the bird. kiwi does not get out as much since we need to be extra aware of chickie she is fascinated with the bird and teases her and stalks her when she is out. chickie's other new things for 2012 are playing in water and trying to go outside. she even got out last night and winnie chased her to the fence and then into the yard before my hubby caught her and brought her back inside. oh well never a dull moment that is for sure.

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