Friday, March 27, 2009

what happen to fun in baby making

that seems to be the big question for us. after talking the other night we have realised that we are both freaking out over trying to have a baby. just in different ways. to make matters worse his freaking out freaks me out which then makes his freaking out worse so of course i freak even more. we both agreed to try to relax more and not freak each other out. i think i really scared him when i said i was ready to give up. he took it as on us and i only meant getting pregnant. now that we are talking and more relaxed we have been able to at least get a few tries in this cycle. if this time doesn't work we will try again. now if we could both enjoy this that would makes things even better.

on the doggie front things are going well. they get along and are starting to play a bit more. now we just have to get gracie to stop chasing the cat back in the kitchen ever time she sets foot in the living room and we are good to go. tigger is the queen and is very put out that gracie is no longer scared of her. now we just need a kid to add to the mix to terrorize them all and we will be set

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jennster said...

omg you type like me... this must be what it's like to read my blog! LOl... trying to get pregnant is stressful.. best of luck!