Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the good the bad and the ugly

the good was saturday. nephew's birthday was a blast. lots of pizza and kids and fun for all.
the bad was sunday. i took my dog for a walk. great exercise for us both. the last house before mine has the neighborhood horrible dog. barks all the time and gets loose and attcks cars and motorcycles. the dog was out and running around. i could not tell if it was loose or not so i freaked. by the time winnie and i got home we were both on edge. then boyfriend and i tried to wipe winnie's paws since they were muddy that did not go well. she freaked and tried to nip us and we got mad i (gulp)hit her and boyfriend locked her in her crate, i know bad parents. she finally forgave us today.
last the ugly or maybe the end of ugly. my sister in law is filing for divorce. my brother suffers from depression and is making everyone miserable and she can't take it anymore. i just hope she follows through this time. no more taking him back and him promising to change and doing it for a while then backsliding. i have been waiting for this to happen since the last time they split. once the dust settles everyone will be much happier.

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Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Nan, it's for real this time. And yes, everyone will be much happier. Just promise not to lose touch...PROMISE!