Friday, January 30, 2009

where did the week go???

last weekend was a blast the kids were so excited to sleepover friday night. we had pizza for dinner and played a bean bag toss game and watched movies together until bed time. the kids finally fell asleep around 11:30pm and i finally fell asleep as well. in the morning we all went out for breakfast. then we went home and the kids explored the yard and watched tv. we also baked chocolate chip cookies. my neice helped me to mix and bake and my nephew was happy to eat them. in the afternoon my brother and sil came for an early dinner and then they all headed home. after they left and we cleaned up my boyfriend and i went to hear the band he was in play. boyfriend only wanted to go for a little while and leave early. we ended up getting home at 3 am after i dragged my boyfriend to the car. sunday was just a nice relaxing day to recover before the work week. this week flew by. wednesday's snow and ice kept me home and the break was a treat. i love snow days. i spent the whole day in my pj's and never even set foot outside.

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