Thursday, January 8, 2009

i think i'm addicted to facebook

my sil got me to join facebook i did but that was as far as i got. today i decided to poke around a bit. wow i found friends i haven't talked to in a while and even my college roommate i lost touch with years ago. now i finally understand why people love this site so much. i am having fun (much needed) catching up with old friends and even family. people i used to bump into once in a while i can now chat or leave messages anytime. now that i got it i am in trouble. i will be on there everyday. good thing it is slow at work i will have time to reconnect and revive old friendships. this is just the thing i have needed lately. i love boyfriend but i miss having friends to talk to and regret letting friendships drift away. now i will have a chance to change that.