Wednesday, June 1, 2011

waiting on pins and needles

hubby got a job. 2-1/2 years of not working is coming to an end. all he needs now is a start date. that is the toughest thing right now i want to celebrate but i am afraid until he starts his first day of work. then the last of the weight holding me down in fear will finally leave. i can't wait to be free. to not pay every bill and worry about having money for groceries and gas. to be able to pay off my credit cards not just the minimum. to go to the store and buy something without needing it to be the cheapest price i can find and stocking up when i see good sales with coupon deals. just to loosen my budget and breathe again. maybe even go out to dinner. so for now i wait sitting on pins and needles trying to find the last of my patience.

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