Friday, April 15, 2011

spring is here where is the heat???

well spring is here. if the calander didn't say it 3 others signs would for me. what are they?? 1 my parents nieghbor's yard turned purple a few weeks ago from what must be hundreds of crocuses. 2 the face painting company called and ordered more acrylic mirrors at my full time job. 3 the "we don't swim in winter" ladies returned to the water areobics class i teach. now if the temps would get above 50 for more than 1 day in a row and the april showers would be showers not down pours i would be even happier. my favorite time of year is slowly creeping up. summer, t-shirts, shorts long warm days, swimming and vacation. i can't wait i am tired of sweaters, and socks, heavy coats and being cold for months at a time. so summer bring on the heat and humidity i will take it all. just please get here soon!!

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