Monday, October 4, 2010

barking + snot = miserable

so where have i been lately. mostly trying to sleep with a neighbor who ties his pitbull out all night while he goes to work. the dog barks all night long making my dogs bark as well. if we are lucky the dog stays in it's yard when we are not like this past friday the dog got loose around 7 pm and finally caught and returned home around 8 am sat morning no sleep for us.
also hubby and i babysat our 7 month old niece S. she is cute as a bug and full of them when she was with us. then left many of her bugs behind so hubby and i had a cold for the last week. she also made sure to chase both of my dogs and find every thing possible that was even remotely dangerous in our house. glass top on old navy trunk moved, piggy banks moved, globe of seashells also moved bird in cage all weekend so she wasn't squished and the cat hiding in the basement. i had a blast even if i got sick and had to rearrange my house. now i really really really want a baby. hopefully trying will get back on track now that august and sept are over. (no period in aug and never ending one in sept)

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