Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wow it is august

where did july go?? after our anniversary the month flew by. i spent a week preping for vacation at work. then off for a whole week. yes this was exciting not because we went anywhere but because i finally had enough vacation time to take 1 full week off for the first time since starting this job 5 years ago. yes i mean 5 years. i have had long weekends but this was awesome. no place to go hanging out with hubby and the critters. the best part no drive to work. i cried sunday night knowing monday i had to get up for the daily commute.
returning to work was ok. the boss and i spent the week catching me up and preping for his vacation. not that i don't like my boss but his vacation is great for me. while he is gone things are set up for the guys to be busy and gone all day and the very best part .... OVERTIME. 5 hours while he is away. next week is my birthday and i am dreading and excited for it. dreading because i am another year older and no kid and excited beacuse it is my birthday!!!

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