Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 more weeks of winter

proven correct by 2 inches of snow over night. now there is more snow coming saturday. yuck 45 more days til spring and only 16 weeks until memorial day. can anyone tell i hate the cold and i am longing for warm weather. at least this month will be somewhat busy my niece turns 12 around valentines day, another one is due at the same time and my nephew's birthday will be here before i know it in the begining of march. at least i have things to look forward to doing to get through the worst of winter.

now on to a quick dog story. i few weeks ago i had to go to the shore and pick up more stuff from my uncle's house. i went after work friday night and was home by noon on saturday. while away i slept terrible. uncomfortable bed and no hubby and dogs to keep me warm. hubby slept terrible too. why??? gracie did not have one of her flock home and spent the entire night running back and forth between the front door, computer room window and the bed room frantic and barking at every sound. she was so excited to see me when i got back. more than a normal day coming home from work. it was too cute.

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