Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a baby shower first

i got DRUNK. not a little drunk, not dipsy, not even buzzed full on drunk. i blame a bottle of chardany. brought by my hubs uncle. now i am not a big wine drinker but i must say whatever i was drinking was really good. my sister in law got cool stuff and we all had a great time. the cake was adorable. the food yummy and the company even better. hubby drove and after trying the wine he was told that it was my turn to get drunk at the party and i did. i don't even remember the ride home. of course when the baby shower starts at 1pm and you finally beg your hubby to leave at 9pm it is ok to sleep all the way home and then crawl into bed and sleep until 7 am the next day. luckily for me i had the next day to recover.

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