Tuesday, June 17, 2008

how to begin

that is the question.
1-1/2 years ago i was dating a man 8 years older. he did not want to get married or have more kids( he already had 2). every time we would start to head in the direction i wanted he would pull away and tell me to find someone who would give me what i want.
so i did.
the man i am with now makes me ask the question "how did i end up here" every morning. before you think that is a bad way to start the day please know i say that to myself with joy, love and glee. some days i really am amazed at my life.
why you ask , well i finally found the man of my dreams a few months before turning 40 . yes 40. we moved in together after 2 months and for my 40th birthday he bought me a puppy. winnie is our starter child. she may have 4 feet a tail and fur but she is our child. now that she is 1 and my next birthday is looming we are looking to have a child and get married. things i had given up ever having before meeting my man. so repeat after me how did i end up here??

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