Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love to read. My parents have been accusing me for years of eating books. Many i keep and reread. right now i am rereading a really long series of books by Terry Goodkind. total there are 11 books and the first 2 are both over 900 pages. i am rereading for 2 reasons 1 my boyfriend is now reading the series and asking me questions and 2 they are making a tv series from the books. i only hope they do the books justice. the sword of truth books are wonderful full of magic and adventure, every time you think the main characters finally have won something else is thrown in their path. i eagerly awaited the release of every book in the series. when i recieved the last book in the series last christmas i couldn't wait to read the book and i also wanted to read as slowly as possible knowing this was to be the last one. finding out about the tv series made me want to reread the series again. i can't wait for the fall tv season to start and be able to see the adventures i am reading this summer brought to life.

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