Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ebony evovling

ebony is one funny little dog. she sleeps between hubby and i every night. will get into a running mode and just go for 15-20 minutes at full speed all over the yard. she chases bugs, ests bird seed and idolizies winnie. she wrestles with leo which tires both of them out and leo rarely chases tigger now. that makes tigger a happy cat. we are still working on the pottying outside. when we watch her and take her out a lot she does well when we don't she has accidents but it is a work in progress. she also loves toys she carries them around and loves them all so there are usually dog toys everywhere. she also went through a short and quickly stopped by us phase of biting our feet in bed. nothing like trying to fall asleep or being asleep and having little teeth chomping on your toes. we are also working on going out on a leash and riding in the car. we want her to be comfortable going for rides and not just to the vet. this has worked well for winnie she will happily hop in the car anytime with no trama. ebony and winnie got baths last weekend. ebony was a bit scared at first then calmed down and was good. winnie decided to shock me. usually it is tough to get her in the tub. first we have to fill the tub when she is out back, bring her in and take her for a short walk out front on the leash and bring her in and straight to the tub. last weekend i filled the tub and got her leash on and she ran straight to the bathroom room pawed the door to get in and walked right over to the tub and looked at me like hurry up. she went right in no fuss or snapping and happily let me give her a bath. she hopped out got dried off and happily got a treat. she is now soft and fluffy and shedding like crazy. once the last of the dreard locks she gets after her bath come out maybe we will try cutting her hair.

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