Thursday, August 18, 2011

back to the grind

well vacation is over and i am back to the daily drive to work. it is really getting old and there are no jobs to be found so i suck it up and drive away. unfortunatly september is coming fast and the end of my easy commute for the summer is winding down. oh how i love when there are no school buses and am school traffic to deal with oh well it was great while it lasted.

stacation 11 was wonderful. while i took off from my main job my part time one i still went to last week. why you ask because i got to go to the pool i grew up going to with my niece and nephew both days having mom make me dinner and celebrating my birthday and my brothers the nights i was there for dinner. then the rest of the week i didn't have to go anywhere. omg so awesome to not have to drive for 7 days yeah! i even got to spend one whole day last week with the hubby. while we hung out at home and had an early dinner with his mom it was so great to have him around all day.

all that is left now is to keep looking for a job closer to home.

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