Thursday, December 30, 2010

hoping for a better new year

christmas. the day i was so excited for totally miserable day. why?? the hubby. he hates all holiday not just christmas ALL holidays. he wants to forget they exist and be a bum at home. so he was grouchy and nasty and i ended up going to my family's house with just the dogs. stayed way longer than i was originally going to and came home and went to bed. finally forgave him and we made up monday afternoon. we didn't see his family and didn't speak for 3 days. yeah so not fun. hopefully a little dose of s for new years will make things better. we are baby sitting the 10 month old terror for new years eve. she is walking and in destruction mode already. i am off friday and will be baby proofing my house. watch out dogs she will be in your face. happy new year everyone

ps totally forgot today is my dad's 75th birthday so happy birthday dad love you

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