Monday, June 14, 2010

so much for my plans lately

everything i have planned has gotten postponed or changed lately. i don't really make a lot of plans but when i do i prefer a bit of notice to change or any notice. last week i had plans for lunch with a friend and that got canceled when my boss took off instead. over the weekend i had plans to visit with my niece and nephew and thier mom and that got postponed when my hubby forgot i was not going to be home and invited his mom and sister and niece to come to our house for lunch. lastly my nephew got put into a special summer program to help with issues he is having in school and can not miss any days so my brother moved his trip to disney to the week i put in for vacation. i can't afford to go with him right now and planned my vacation so i could spend time with my niece and nephew who will now be in disney so i need to move my vacation. the most annoying thing is that no one in my family even bothered to email or call and give me any kind of update. if my ex-sister in law hadn't said something i would not even have found out yet. now 2 out of 3 plans are rescheduled and vacation is up in the air until my brothers plans are finally set.

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