Tuesday, June 23, 2009

so where have i been

no where really. beerfest was fun. drank too much but had a blast. worked all week then went to the shore last weekend. checked on my uncle and enjoyed a little tiny bit of sun. i am still trying to get out in the sun but it has been raining too much around my way lately. this is the first week it is starting to feel like summer. boyfriend and i are planning some good stuff for the summer and a house warming party for the fall. we wanted to do it over the summer but some of our family is out of town for july and august so. we are aiming for sept.
other than that things are good. dogs are happy and winnie has even forgiven us for shaving her bottom bald. soon we may not even be able to play connect the freckles on her butt. at least enough hair has grown in we don't have to worry she will get sunburned going out to pee. tigger is getting funnier everyday. she loves the new dehumidifier in the basement. she rubs up against it and is thrilled to have full access to the entire basement again. she also loves that we need to empty it at least once a day and check it at least 2 or 3 times and she can attack our ankles when we enter the basement. gracie follows boyfriend every where he goes. yes every where or at least tries. she is doing well and has been a great addition to our family. if i am not around much i am enjoying my summer see you when things slow down in the fall

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