Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wow that was so bad

i don't even know where to start. i went to a funeral today for a lady i worked with for over 12 years. even when we worked together her kids had no time for her and her funeral was even worse. her daughter was late to the funeral home so the grave side service scheduled for 10:45 was more like 11:45.there was no viewing so going to the service was the only way to pay my respects. while there her daughter talked about how cold and unloving and lonely her mom was and that she didn't think her mom was going to heaven. i don't think i have ever wanted to punch someone at a funeral until today. i left the funeral in shock and angry that her kids were so rotten. no one deserves the send off this woman got from her own family.

so here is to vivian a lovely and kind woman who never forgot a birthday or anniversary.she was a dedicated friend who would help out in any way she could. may you finally be at peace and way from your rotten unloving kids. you will be missed.